Please note that no graphic design work will be undertaken for a 'rush' order. The reason for this is because graphic
design is a creative process that cannot necessarily be rushed to completion. To ‘rush’ often puts an unfair burden on
the designer and can compromise the finished work.
Step 1. Supplying Your Design Assets
Graphic design is comprised of two main elements – words and images – so that's what you'll need to supply to us to
design with. Important: Low quality images will not produce high quality print, so please review our tips (noted below)
about selecting images and graphics for your design.
Text: Supply us with your text in electronic form (please do not send us hand-written notes or print-outs) and remember
to proof your text thoroughly for errors before sending to us. Preferred formats are: (a) Word .doc file, (b) an E-mail
message, (c) .txt file.
Images and Graphics:
(a) Required image resolution for commercial print is 300 dpi/ppi.
(b) Required colour mode for commercial print is CMYK (not RGB).
(c) Do not use photos/images from the internet as they are low quality.
(d) If you are taking your own photos use the highest quality setting your camera allows.
(e) If you are scanning your own photos, scan at 300dpi and save as .TIF or .TIFF format.
(f) Do not use images that will need to be enlarged in order to fit properly in your design.
(g) If you are processing your images in Photoshop we would prefer you to send us the Photoshop (.PSD) files.
(h) You can buy high quality stock photos from for a very reasonable price.
Step 2. Consultation
Once you've supplied your design assets it's time for a telephone consultation between you and our designer. The
purpose of the consultation is to:
(a) Review the suitability of the assets you have provided.
(b) Create an understanding about your design wishes.
(c) Determine if any of your design requirements fall outside of our standard design package pricing.
Please know that we do not want to surprise you with extra charges at the end of the project, so if extra work (over and
above what our Graphic Design Package Price includes) is necessary, it's best to figure that out during the consultation
stage. If it's deemed that extra work is necessary we will provide you with a quote in writing and no extra work will be
performed or billed to you without your written approval.
Important: The package price is based on the design continuing in the same theme and direction from the outset. In
other words, once the design is underway, should you want to make fundamental changes to the design which creates
more work than the package-price provides for, then extra charges may apply.
Step 3. The Design Begins and Draft #1
Based on the production assets you provided and the subsequent consultation with our designer, we will get started with
the design and then email you a set of PDF proofs for your review and comments.
Step 4. The Design Continues and Draft #2
Any modifications from the review of the Draft #1 proofs will be made and our designer will continue with the design.
You will then be emailed another set of PDF proofs for your review and comments.
Step 5. The Design is Completed and Final Proofs
Any modifications from the review of the Draft #2 proofs will be made and our designer will complete any finishing
touches to the design. You will then be emailed a third (and final) set of PDF proofs for approval. Once approved, the
print files are sent to production.
Summary - What Do You Get With The Package Price?
1. Phone consultation with our designer.
2. Resizing your supplied photos/imagery to suit the design (and changing colour mode if required).
3. Minor photo touch-ups such as adjusting contrast, brightness, reducing red-eye.
4. One photo scan per design panel (if required).
5. Text placement and formatting from your supplied electronic file.
6. Up to 100 words of manual typesetting (eg: from your handwritten notes, print-out, etc.).
7. Assembly of your design materials according to your wishes (as relayed in the consultation stage).
8. Two sets of .pdf draft proofs for review and comment.
9. One set of final .pdf proofs for approval.
10. One set of high-resolution print-ready .pdf files for your back-up purposes.
Examples Of What Is Not Included In The Package Price.
1. Concept and/or design of custom graphics such as logos.
2. Recreating graphics or images to make them printable.
3. Photography.
4. More than 100 words of manual typesetting (eg: from your handwritten notes, print-out, etc.)