About Pacific Digital Media

Pacific Digital Media formally known as Precision Disc is a family owned-and-operated business located in Surrey, British Columbia in Canada.

In The Beginning...

In 2001 we began operations as a licensed manufacturer of optical media, specializing in the replication of Mini CD discs and CD Business Cards. We were the first manufacturer in North America to employ a unique one-step process that injection molds the discs to size and, to this day, when compared to the more common method of machine-cutting CDs to the required shape and size, our injection-molded product provide superior quality, durability, consistency and cost-effectiveness.


 At Pacific Digital Media we're big enough
to handle an order of any size, but
not so big that you won't get friendly
and personalized service every step
of the way!

A Full Service Replication Plant

Since those early days Pacific Digital Media product and service offerings evolved rapidly to include replicated CD-ROM, CD Audio, DVD5 and DVD9 discs, as well as short-run CD duplication and DVD duplication work.

Having in-house manufacturing capabilities enables us to provide our clientele with a level of job control, quality and service that would not be possible with an out-sourced product. Having over 10,000 square feet of production facilities gives us the ability to manufacture, print and package orders as small as one single disc and orders in excess of one million. Our commitment to use only top grade optical resin combined with high speed, dependable equipment and technology allows us to provide quality products, in a timely fashion, and in a cost-effective manner.

The Forefront of Eco-Friendly

As a good global citizen we have invested in the right equipment, materials and processes to provide the best eco-friendly print and packaging solutions in the market.

More than 95% of our disc packaging is printed in-house and our ever-growing line of eco-friendly disc sleeves and digipak packaging has been an overwhelming hit with our clientele. No only are these no-plastic and low-plastic packaging alternatives, they are also printed on eco paper stocks using the most 'green' printing equipment on the planet.

 Top 5 Reasons To Use Pacific Digital Media:
1. We are the actual manufacturer.
2. We warranty the quality of our work.
3. Friendly one-on-one service.
4. No order is too big, or too small.
5. Monthly special product offers.

 A Full Range of Products and Services

  • CD-ROM, CD Audio replication.

  • DVD5, DVD9, Blu-ray replication.

  • Mini CD and Mini DVD replication (injection molded - not cut).

  • CD Business Cards and DVD Business Cards (injection molded - not cut).

  • CMYK Offset disc printing.

  • Silkscreen disc printing.

  • High resolution Inkjet disc printing (for short-run duplication).

  • Short-run CDR DVDR duplication services.

  • Large inventory of CD DVD packaging materials.

  • Custom printed eco-friendly CD DVD packaging solutions.

  • Commercial printing services.

  • Automated packaging and shrinkwrap services.

  • Graphic design services.

  • Shipping services.

Can We Be Of Service?

Pacific Digital Media has been built on the ability to supply quality products with flexible delivery times and under a variety of budgets. A dedicated team of production and project managers keeps each job on target for its successful completion. Our attention to detail throughout all aspects of each project allows for numerous quality checks along the way. From verifying art specs and master content to assuring the quality of replication and finished packaging our quality assurance is priority. 

With our sights clearly set on a bright future Pacific Digital Media continues to evolve and provide leading edge digital media products, print and packaging for our present and future clients. We hope that we can be of service to you.