Pacific Digital Media Referral Program

Become a PDM VIP Member to gain access to our Referral Program where you earn money or credits for every on of your referrals that places an order with us.

  • Become a member of our VIP Program and you'll be given an Account Number which you use as your Referral Program number.

  • Refer someone to have their CDs or DVDs manufactured by Precision Disc and give them your Referral Program number.  
    Important: Tell them to make sure they include Referral number on their Pacific Digital Media Order Forms - there's a spot for the referral number at the beginning of the Order Forms.

  • The Referral Program number MUST be provided at the time of order. Late submissions of Referral Program Numbers will not be accepted.

  • When we receive Order Forms with your Referral Program Number we’ll automatically update your account.

  • You can choose to receive a credit on account for your future use, or you can choose to have Pacific Digital Media mail you a cheque... it's up to you!

EARN $50 per referred order

A $50 referral credit is applicable for regularly priced CDs or DVDs packaged in jewel cases, library cases, eco-cases, eco-sleeves, eco-jackets or digipak packaging. Minimum order requirement is 300 units.

EARN $25 per referred order

A $25 referral credit is applicable for orders of less than 300 units - or - for special offer products, discounted products or situations where price-matching is involved.

What Is A Credit? 

Having a 'credit' means we have made a notation in your Account that says you have money 'on account' that you can apply to a future order. The credit will sit there until you decide to use it.

How To Use Your Credit?

Your credits are placed on your account for your future purchase use at Pacific Digital Media. When you're ready to use your credits you must place your order with Pacific Digital Media and request to redeem your credits on your Order Forms - and make sure you reference your Referral Program Number.