CS200 - 4 Panel

 This is a no-plastic 'green' packaging product. 100% recycled, 15pt., FSC certified.
 4 panel construction, single fold, single closed pocket. 
 All four design panels printed CMYK 4/0.
 Printed using waterless technology and environmentally-friendly inks.

CD orders of 300 units and under will be duplicated on high quality CDR media and printed full colour on our 6 colour inkjet printer.  Orders of 500 and over will be replicated from a glass master and printed full colour offset.

Hey, A Friendly Word of Advice!

Designing with photographs/graphics you've found on the internet generally doesn't look great when printed... that's because they're low resolution (72ppi to 150ppi).

Instead, make your printed Eco-Sleeves look great with high resolution (300ppi) photographs/graphics.

CS20050$ 396.26
100$ 578.58
200$ 960.26
300$ 1,145.01
500$ 1,458.61
1000$ 1,823.26
2000$ 3,233.24
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Total : $ 396.26

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